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Spending My Last Night with the Hottest Escort

Well, we all know that Australia is famous for its hopping kangaroos and amazing touring spots; but it is also the country with the hottest escorts. I have been touring Sydney for quite some time now and I wanted to have a little fun. That is why I turned on my laptop and scanned through the internet to look for a perfect companion to end my night in this wonderful place.

As I searched the whole gallery, I stumbled upon Brooke. Her lovely green eyes met mine and I immediately got hooked to it. So I dialed her number and with just a few rings, she answered. As we were discussing her terms and schedule, my dick hardened with just how she talks.

When the night finally came, I couldn’t be more excited! I did my research on her with the things she loves to eat. So I decided on ordering Chinese food, in case we get hungry, and some chocolates for desert (or we could use it during sex!). When everything was all set, I just waited for my hotel door to ring.

When she finally entered my room, I was mesmerized! She is a like an angel that fell from the skies! And her scent was the best and definitely I was seduced! She was indeed a high class courtesan. She even looked more gorgeous in person compared to her pictures! From that moment on, I knew that I was in a treat!

Our first sexual intercourse did not reach my room. Since we were both horny, we did not need any foreplay. After going down on her, she immediately tore of my clothes and start giving me the intense  blow job. I thought to myself, this is going to be the best night ever! And indeed it was!

Without a doubt, Brooke definitely brought heaven on earth and rocked my world. My experience with her made me feel like I was on cloud 9! I would never forget the way we kissed and fucked. Once I go back to Sydney, I would certainly book her again. If you want to have the same adventure that I had, check, they have the best line up of escorts you could ever imagine!

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