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Craving for Food and Sex – 5 Must Try Aphrodisiacs

They say a man’s list of favorite things will have food and sex fighting for the top spot. It’s all about getting laid and eating – combining the two is probably the ultimate sexual treat. Throw in some ice chips, some fruits or whipped cream and you’ll have one erotic food fantasy.

On the other hand, others wouldn’t really like the idea of messing up their sheets. The solution – eating foods that can increase libido before getting busy in the bedroom. Here’s a list of foods you might want to try to maximize the sensual mood.

#1 Banana










First of all, the shape alone can be a huge turn-on. But aside from its phallus-looking appearance, the tropical fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme that triggers the production of testosterone. So eating some before sex can elevate sexual endurance.

#2 Asparagus








It may not be the first thing you would think of but asparagus can increase your chances of landing a big O (orgasm). In fact, it’s one of the top aphrodisiacs in the food pyramid. It can be effective for both men and women.

#3 Cloves











Experts dub it as the sex super-food. Believe it or not, clove extract can be an effective solution for sexual dysfunctions in males. In addition, it increases sexual activity and prevents bedroom boredom. Brew it with your favourite beverage!

#4 Watermelon









Although it’s 92 percent water, it can boost your libido to a hundred! Watermelons contain vital nutrients with Viagra-like effect in the body. According to nutritionists, the sweet fruit is good for one’s sexual health.

#5 Chilli Peppers

Chilli Peppers









When it comes to spicing up your sex life, chili peppers may just be the answer. Research has shown that eating chilies can stimulate the feel-good chemicals in the brain called endorphin’s. Eat some and get aroused minus the foreplay.

Who says you can’t enjoy food in the bedroom? Try these victual delights or so-called aphrodisiacs and improve your sex drive in no time! If you have a food fantasy, the girls of Real Escorts might be able to help you. Visit the website, to learn more.

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